Alfa Energy Tax Equity Facility

Alfa Energy Tax Equity is a multi-investor tax equity facility (the "Facility") organized to provide tax equity capital for the rapidly growing C&I and utility-scale renewable energy space. The objective of the Facility is to catalyze the flow of more appropriately priced capital into renewable energy projects and provide tax equity investment opportunities to a broader set of mid-sized corporate entities and investors beyond the few large entities which currently dominate the space.

For Tax Equity Investors

The Facility is seeking mid-sized and non-traditional investors (corporate and financial institutions) that have not previously been able to access the renewable energy tax equity markets due to size and/or lack of expertise or capacity to analyze such investments.

For Developers

Tax equity capital has been slow to flow into C&I space due to scale and variability of structures. Utility-scale projects are subject to traditional tax equity investors' inflexible structures and pricing terms that are not commensurate with risk. The Facility will provide more flexibility in terms of structure and pricing.

The Facility will provide tax equity financing to:


The Facility is managed by Alfa Tax Equity Management LLC, whose management team is uniquely well-suited to execute on the capital deployment program having

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